Kira Evans

Hate to Love You
40″x30″; hand-cut paper assembled with adhesive; 2021

Kira Evans
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA


Learning to work without a creative brief and a client has been a welcome challenge as I tilt my attention to fine art rather than design as commerce. With every piece I create, I get closer to finding my own voice. My work is abstract made from analog cuttings of beautiful photographs from fashion magazines.

I gravitate to the pieces on the edge of the subject, the lighting, the way when the piece is removed, it reveals its own ability to convey a mood and a sense of place.

My Fabrics works are influenced by the drapery fabric and dress fabric painted by the Old Masters. I have always been drawn to the way the light is reflected by the velvets and taffetas in these paintings at times more so than the subject matter. These pieces are analog, hand cut, assembled, and photographed to make large print making possible.

My Mood works are about creating bold, cinematic abstract atmospheres that represent places I want to see and feelings I want to feel. The images in these pieces are analog images assembled digitally.

My Place works represent places I have traveled. I want to capture a specific mood using photographs I have taken and assembled digitally.


Before she could even drive a car, Kira Evans would jump on her bike and suffer the blazing sun to ride to a local comic book store to grab the latest issue of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. Growing up in West Texas, this monthly look into New York sparked her interest in type, image, and art at young age.

Using Interview, National Geographic and Time magazine, Kira created decoupage collages on anything within reach, yogurt containers, small trash bins and even her bedroom door.

After earning a degree in Advertising & Public Relations with a minor in Graphic Design from Texas Christian University, she studied Intercultural Communications at Oxford University in England.

Over the years, she has worked as a graphic designer, art director, creative producer and strategist in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. Each stop along the way has widened her experience as well as allowing her to continue learning new skills such as printmaking, photography, and large-scale projections.

While working on an album cover for a jazz artist, Kira returned to creating collage, deploying the ephemera and materials that she has collected to create stunning new works.


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40″x30″; hand-cut paper assembled with adhesive; 2021
40″x30″; hand-cut paper assembled with adhesive; 2021
Ink Well
30″x40″; hand-cut paper assembled with adhesive; 2022
Hanging out at the Pool
17″x11″; hand-cut paper digitally assembled; 2022