Kristina Corre

A Story in Three Parts
15″x11″; digital photograph of found images on watercolour paper; 2017

Kristina Corre
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Kristina Corre’s work emerges from a meditative, process- and narrative-driven practise. Drawing from her architectural education, she cuts, tears, arranges, and pastes disparate parts primarily from contemporary magazines, in order to tease out clues to, and create catalysts for, narratives in the form of minimalist collage vignettes. Collecting imagery from contemporary sources allows Kristina to create works that are reflections on current moods and events, while the recurring use of dried flora and the careful consideration of shadow create depth and temporality. There is an underlying architectural spatial order to the way Kristina composes her pieces; her aim, above all, is to invite the viewer’s imagination into the small worlds and spaces that she creates.


Kristina Corre is an analog collage artist based in Ottawa. Born in Manila and raised in Toronto, a lifetime of imagining new worlds led Kristina to study architecture at Carleton University’s Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism in Ottawa, where she graduated with her Master of Architecture degree in 2012. Beyond the history, theory, and practise of architecture, Kristina’s education instilled the importance of narrative in image making, of meticulousness in her craft, and of making as a means to discovery. These paramount lessons are currently driving her explorations into handcut, found-object collage.


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15″x11″; digital photograph of found images on watercolour paper; 2017

15″x11″; found images on watercolour paper; 2017

Empathy (What else is there to do?)
15″x12″; found images on watercolour paper; 2016

15″x13″; found images and objects on watercolour paper; 2016