Larry Walczak

Mother Nature
24″x36″; collage with paint; 2018

Larry Walczak
Erie, Pennsylvania, USA


After living/working in the New York City area for decades, I returned to northwest Pennsylvania, where I grew up, to discover the lush visual landscape of the region. Here, I began to utilize natural imagery in my collages. Through direct imaging, I showcased flowers, leaves and other natural textures in a way to hyper-visualize the beauty and power of nature. Using coloured papers and areas of spray paint, I created a series of “nature studies” that can appear as diagrams that are expressive rather than didactic. I am currently working on museum board with acid-free adhesives usually in a 40″ by 32″ or 36″ by 24″ format.


Larry Walczak was an active artist in both collage and artist books in New York City for nearly forty years. He lectured on artists’ books at the Brooklyn Museum and is mentioned with text and photos in A Century of Artists’ Books by Johanna Drucker (Granary Books, 1995 and 2004). He instructed collage at the Cooper Union School of Art & Architecture for several semesters and operated “eyewash projects” in Brooklyn for several years. He currently lives in northwest Pennsylvania and is a member of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Artists Association. He is currently developing collages using natural elements as flowers, leaves and natural textures using direct-imaging and taking advantage of the visual landscape of this area of the country.


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Nature’s Challenge
20″x32″; collage with paint; 2017

Nature Study #3
32″x40″; collage with paint; 2018

Nature Study #4
32″x40″; collage with paint; 2018