Laura Fuller-Cooper

Book 1: of notorious memory
12″x15″; birch bark, grass, vintage book & magazine images, coffee; 2018

Laura Fuller-Cooper
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Laura is a painter, drawer and collage artist who is also a Board-Certified Art Therapist. Laura’s work in community healing through arts practiced informs her image-making. Laura’s collage work combines imagery from historic documents, advertising, natural elements, and hand-drawing and watercolor to create visions recalling personal biography and memory.


Laura is a visual artist and Board Certified Art Therapist. Laura is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a founding member of Milwaukee Art Therapy Collective in Milwaukee, WI. Laura is a faculty member at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and Mount Mary University. Laura finds inspiration for her collage work in vintage magazines, personal ephemera, natural objects and hand-drawn patterns to create images evoking personal narratives as well as witnessing the stories of art therapy clients and the community. Laura has shown her work in faculty shows and group shows in university and local galleries. Laura has also curated exhibitions at Milwaukee Art Therapy Collective, the Wauwatosa Public Library, the Magnet Factory, Woodland Pattern Books, and the Wisconsin State Capitol Rotunda.


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Book 2: life in MP
12″x15″; leaves, vintage book & magazine images, watercolor pencil, graphite; 2018
Le Changement
15″x12″; collaged magazine photos, watercolor, graphite; 2019
What happens to a dream deferred?
12″x15″; wood, vintage magazine images, metal, thread, ink