Laura Kaplan

Higher Roots
20″x16″; paper and glitter on cardboard; 2022

Laura Kaplan
Providence, Rhode Island, USA


I work in various forms of collage, including digital and analog, but crafting works with paper is my preferred format.

I enjoy collecting old magazines, vintage paper and ephemera, and other every day scraps and recycled paper products and incorporating them into my works. Some of my favorite motifs to work with are windows, fire, the moon, animals that are typically feared, desert and mountainous landscapes, rainbows, castles, chandeliers, decaying old dolls or other fake models of people, hands, and gems and jewelry.

Common themes that I explore are fear (usually expressed through fire), the unrealistic ideas of fairy tales, whimsy, and expressing my strange sense of humor and spirituality.

My work would not be my own if the colors chosen were neutral or completely black and white. I enjoy working with bright colors. My favorite palettes to work with are emerald greens, fiery yellows and oranges, or dreamy pink and purple pastels. In addition, some form of glitter is almost always included.


Laura Kaplan is a mostly self-taught artist whose primary medium is in collage. She considers herself to be an outsider artist, and commits herself to working with other artists of different abilities, skill sets, and varying levels of artistic exposure and instruction/education.

Gravitating towards art as a little girl, Laura immersed herself in art history and appreciation. She developed a photographic memory and skill for finding colors, and because of her early interest in fashion design, can almost instantly identify fashion by its historical period. Despite these interesting abilities, continuing to pursue her artistic education past her secondary schooling was limited by unrelated adversities she experienced and her desire to not let rules and structure limit her creative freedom.

It took Laura a long time to develop an artistic practice she could manage and regularly commit to. In fact, identifying herself as an artist has often been a sore subject, but she is very happy with where she is at and now proudly claims her role as an artist.

She is also a published writer, holds a master’s degree in humane education, and works in the human services field in Rhode Island, USA.


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Do You Do Magic Tricks?
6″x8″x3″; paper, ribbon, glitter and plastic jewels on wooden cigar box; 2022
Scorpio Season
12″x16″; paper and glitter on cotton canvas board; 2020
Every Day Is Earth Day
8″x8″; paper; 2020