Laure Anders

Red Fruits
7″x9.8″; original paper collage; 2014

Laure Anders
Cancale, France


My raw materials for collages are mainly magazines from the 70’s up to now, vintage scholarly books, encyclopedias and any kind of publication dealing with geography, health and biology. I cherish saturated coloured photos, ads from women’s magazines because they are printed fairy tales that you can easily cut and mix to create new illustrations, sometimes disturbing, sometimes sexier with a sweet ironical dimension.

But I also love the poetry of pieces of paper put side by side in the simplest way, like Katrien de Blauwer does in order to express deep emotions.

My collages, made from the 90’s up to now with periods of silence, are analog collages.

I like the physical contact with paper, scissors and even the glue stick. (No, I am lying. I hate the glue.) Collages are scanned and sometimes a pinch of Photoshop is used, but not too much. I like to see the texture of the paper on a collage.

Some of my pictures were created page after page on notebooks as the days went by. They can be seen as sorts of letters or fantasies intended for close friends, lovers or even strangers who stimulated my imagination. Some others made in the 90’s are rather focused on motion, rhythm and how parts of pictures can be rearranged to give the illusion of a movie sequence.

All of them deal with some recurring themes–the perception of the body, anxiety, loneliness, sensuality–mixing them in an endless mysterious story.


I am interested in all kinds of narrations. Collage is a striking one, with a meaningful visual impact. Either exploring our inner mind in a sensual, poetic way or implying a conscious social criticism, it allows us to play with pictures in a joyful, almost childish way and sets our imagination free.

Before getting fully involved in collage, I first studied literature. I wrote stories for children and teenagers under different pen names and, more recently, I wrote Animale, a short story collection for adult readers published by Buchet-Chastel. Read more on my blog HERE.

I have always written with pictures as well as with words, not necessarily by mixing them but rather in a movement of come and go. Even though the aim is the same–to create another reality, to make up a story–my way to reach it requires specific means for each medium. While writing needs time to create plots and characters, my collages are made in a more spontaneous way and open the door to my unconscious mind.

Whatever the medium, my intent is to add a deeper level of mystery to what is shown, to suggest that something is happening in between the words or the pictures. Something that tells us about fear and joy, flesh and desire. Some of my collages are in Le Bateau Magazine.


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8.6″x4.6″; original paper collage; 2016

8.6″x8.12″; original paper collage; 2016

11.6″x8.2″; original paper collage; 2016

11.4″x8.6″; original paper collage; 2017