Lili Francuz

Milky Way Over the Rockies
12″x12″; paper from Paris suburbs; 2013

Lili Francuz
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


The ties that bind, in this case, the papers that bond me to my childhood, my heritage. That started out as a love of weathered, torn paper has developed into a link keeping my heritage alive.

My current work combines papers gathered from the Paris Metro and other locations in and around Paris and further.

My working method is intuitive and precludes any advance planning except in the formulation of the type of paper gathered and the size in which these will ultimately be used. Many times the colour of the available papers dictate the colour palette of the work. Other times, the textural qualities of the paper’s backside offers more possibilities.

I gather the papers, separate layers if they exist, and discover those elements that will unify a work. Unpredictability is an essential part of the process. My compositions are abstract with a narrative appearing only after the fact, as if by accident or quite subconsciously, whether it is in the juxtaposition of text or imagery.


Part of my childhood was spent in France before my parents immigrated and settled in Idaho. My birthplace informs much of my work in collage and mixed media. I worked as an arts administrator and retired from the Wyoming State Museum as Art Curator. I have a Master of Fine Arts from Utah State University. My collage work was recently included in Colorado Contemporary at Colorado State University and in the National Collage exhibit, “Greater Than The Sum” at Metropolitan State University Center for Visual Arts in Denver. I am an associate member of Spark Gallery in Denver.


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Painted Desert
24″x24″; paper from Paris suburbs; 2014

Sky City
24″x24″; paper from Paris suburbs; 2014