Linda Ruscio McIntosh

Lola's Circus by Linda Ruscio McIntosh
Lola’s Circus
20″x16″; mixed media collage on paper; 2014

Linda Ruscio McIntosh
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The first thing I do upon entering my studio is turn on some music. This passion for art and music gave birth to the “PlayList” series of mixed media collage which pays homage to influential songwriters/musical artists that possess a unique sound and interesting take on life. Music helps turn on the creative tap, while turning off any outside distractions of our fast-paced, high-tech world. Artists of diverse disciplines are often influenced by each other, “sampling” each other’s work much like the artistic process of collage where imagery from other sources is gathered and assembled to create a new story. A background in printmaking, photography and graphic design has provided the backbone to my experimental approach with various materials to see what can successfully be fed through my printer. These beautiful bits of printed marks (made up of digital images, resurrected life drawings, paintings and monoprints) are then cut, pasted and layered with a sprinkling of song lyrics onto fine art paper or wood panel.


Linda is an award-winning Canadian visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Guelph University. She has gained over 25 years experience as an accredited graphic designer and art director while pursuing her creative passions. She has worked in numerous media such as painting, drawing, printmaking, digital and photo-based mixed media. Her work has been shown throughout Toronto and surrounding regions in both solo and group shows. She has worked on numerous creative projects with the Markham Group of Artists, as well as in the elementary school system, and has also put on collage workshops with artists and in corporate settings. Participants collaboratively work on collage mosaics as a team-building exercise, and also gain an appreciation for collage as an art form using only paper, scissors, gluesticks and their imagination.


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Je ne regrette rien by Linda Ruscio McIntosh
Je ne regrette rien
20″x16″; Conté and washi on paper; 2014

Grand Gesture by Linda Ruscio McIntosh
Grand Gestures
12″x12″; mixed media on paper; 2014

Bad Like Me by Linda Ruscio McIntosh
Bad Like Me (homage to Tom Waits)
12″x12″; mixed media on paper; 2013

Waiting for Tom by Linda Muscio McIntosh
Waiting for Tom (homage to Tom Waits)
18″x12″; digital collage; 2013