Lior Locher

Sunday Morning
8.3″x11.7″; origami paper, gift wrap, acrylic paint, marker pen and glue on paper; 2022

Lior Locher
London, England, United Kingdom


I work in mixed media, for its broad range of options and for the sheer joy of it. This usually involves several of these: Acrylic paint, marker pen or colour pencil, collage and printmaking. I love the immediacy and immense variety of acrylic paint and that it dries quickly so you can do the next step. Pens feel great, I just love how they feel in my hand and how they move, always have. Printmaking adds science and whimsy and cool kit, elements that are fixed and yet vary from print to print, which are always unique due to the mixed media layering. Collage is a big love of mine. It started with travel ephemera and a fascination with Japanese origami paper while living there, and has since expanded to anything that’s flat and sticks. In my other life I trained in personal development, coaching and psychotherapy as well as teaching different styles of yoga. I continue to be fascinated by our inner lives as humans, how we make sense of our own journeys and experiences, and how our mind and body come together. Our lives always involve picking up what already is, at this point in time, and recombining it to move forward, adding our own flavour. Often ripping things up and starting again, layers and sedimentations that form over time into something uniquely ours. That applies to life and art. Mixed media work is a great way to capture this.


Lior Locher is a mixed-media artist, mainly working in collage. Travel is a great influence, Lior lived in six countries on four continents. They studied drawing, painting and printmaking at Cass Art, Phoenix and Brighton MET. Their work is particularly popular in literary magazines like Beyond Words, Wild Roof Journal, Chariot Press and Sunspot. Lior trained as a psychotherapist and is fascinated by how we make sense of our own inner journeys as humans. How we recombine elements, rip things up and start again–everything is good for something. That applies to life and art, and collages are a great medium for showing that.


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7.8″x7.8″; acrylic paint, gift wrap, maps, tissue paper on canvas panel; 2022
6″x9″; acrylic paint, paper, origami paper and glue on paper; 2022
Going Coastal
Diameter varies: 6.5″-8″; vintage photo, acrylic paint, metallic paint, origami paper, marker pen and glue on paper; 2022
Thicker Than Water
8″x10″; acrylic paint, marker pen, maps, timetables, glue on canvas panel; 2022