Lorraine M. Glessner

Down Sixth Street Wires Redux
24″x24″x1.5″; encaustic, oil, collage, pyrography on stained silk on wood; 2023

Lorraine M. Glessner
Rockledge, Pennsylvania, USA


Using landscape as inspiration, connection and metaphor, my interest is in the exploration of human interaction and psyche–the navigation of the line between what is hidden and revealed to others. Real and imagined stories exploring inner demons, desires and vulnerabilities of the human mind fuel my work. The consequence of revealing what is hidden can be both a dream and a nightmare, causing a chain reaction gamut of emotions ranging from anguish to exhilaration. The amalgamation of these intense emotions and the simultaneous existence of danger and seduction within the earth and the body is what I investigate through my work.

Through the process of layering, scraping, excavating layers of encaustic and acrylic paint, I replicate nature’s destructive power as well as its regenerative abilities. Collaged fragments of found images act as another form of paint as well as trigger memory and create personal connections. Through the mark-making and painting process, the actual storied histories of the combined images is interwoven with my own personal experiences and imaginings about their history. As the painted and collaged layers accumulate, abstracted patterns begin to fuse, splinter and regenerate, acting as a metaphor for the volatility and vulnerability found in the relationships between earth and humankind and between humans


Lorraine Glessner’s love of surface, pattern, markmaking, image and landscape has led her to combine disparate materials and processes such as silk, wood, wax, pyrography, rust, paper and more in her work. Lorraine is a former Assistant Professor at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, artist mentor, workshop instructor and an award-winning artist. She holds an MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, a BS from Philadelphia University, and an AAS in Computer Graphics from Moore College of Art & Design. She has a diverse art background with skills that include painting, sculpture, graphic design, interior design, textile design, photography, digital imaging and much more. Recent professional achievements include a Grand Prize Award from the show “(re)Building” at Atlantic Gallery, New York, New York and a recently appointed position as a Tier Artist at R&F Paints. Lorraine’s work is included in many mixed media and encaustic books including Encaustic Art in the 21st Century by Ashley Rooney and Nuance, a curated book by artist Michelle Stuart. Lorraine frequently lectures and participates on academic panels at various Conferences including The International Encaustic Conference, SECAC and The College Art Association Annual Conference. Her work is exhibited locally and nationally in galleries, museums, craft centers, schools, libraries, universities, and more. Like her work, Lorraine brings to her teaching a strong interdisciplinary approach, mixed with a balance of concept, process, history, experimentation, problem solving and discovery.


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Circus Act
20″x16″x1.5″; encaustic, oil, collage, pyrography on stained silk on wood; 2021
Smashed Wedding Cake
36″x36″x1.5″; encaustic, oil, collage, pyrography on stained silk on wood; 2023
Wedding Cake
36″x36″x1.5″; encaustic, oil, collage, pyrography on stained silk on wood; 2023
Sweet Creatures
48″x36″x1.5″; encaustic, oil, collage, pyrography on stained silk on wood; 2022