Luc Fierens

bitter trial
12″x8″; collage on digital print; 2017

Luc Fierens
Weerde, Belgium


“His method of production is collage, a particular brand of verbo-visual collage that makes its points by abrupt collocations of disparate fragments of image and word.” (Geof Huth, 2007)

“Fierens has an individual style honed after three decades of participation in global networking.

International networking is a field flooded with collage work of all kinds. Fierens’ work is significant in acknowledging his artistic roots within the work itself, references to Fluxus, Poesia Visiva, and Mail Art appearing and reappearing, as he marches past these former styles into new territories.

This is matched with a social responsibility surfacing throughout the works. Violence, poverty and racial intolerance signal an uneasy tension in the reality of our existence.” (John Held, Jr., 2012)


Luc Fierens (born in Mechelen, Belgium, 1961) is a networked collagist and visual poet provocateur. His work emerged out of Poesia Visiva, Mail Art and Fluxist circles. Fierens’ diverse practice focuses on language/image as a raw material and the exploration of alternative forms of distribution and communication.

As such, he promoted a transnational dialogue prior to the inception of the Internet with his mail art projects (“Social-Art”, “Cornucopiae…”) and publications (Postfluxpostbooklets) from 1984.

Now, he continues his research with artists (since 2013 he has worked closely with performance artist Elish) from his “social architecture” with whom he exchanges, forwards, and directs art, and collaborative projects through the (e-)mail, and with whom he organizes performances, publications (artists’ books) and exhibitions.

His publications and works can be found in major archives (R&M Sackner Archive, Miami and Artpool, Budapest), libraries (MoMa Library, Rare Books Collection of the University of Buffalo), museums (MaRT (Trento e Rovereto, Italy)) and several private collections (Fondazione Berardelli (Italy), Verbeke Foundation (Belgium)).


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8″x12″; old paper and magazines; 2017

12″x8″; old paper and magazines; 2017