Mariia Michi

Do Not Part with Your Loved Ones
6″x4″; collage, paper, acrylic, natural materials; 2017

Mariia Michi
Moscow, Russian Federation


I believe that a contemporary artist is more than a master, well versed in pencil or brush. The contemporary artist is a philosopher, with a keen sense of reality. Today requires of the artist skills and knowledge in different areas. We live in an era of global MIXMEDIA, and this requires the artist to search for new means of expression. I am attracted to a collage, as an opportunity to explore and know oneself and the world. When you add a new element to one element, observe how they begin to interact and the image is filled with new meanings. In my works, I try different techniques, combining graphics and liquid art.


I was a successful llawyer until I was 30, but passion and love for art have always lived in my heart, gradually taking over my mind and my time more and more frequenly.

Since 2011, I have been teaching visual art to children and adults. The scope of my interests is much broader than just art in the classical sense. These are both applied and decorative forms: textile, object interior design, the fashion industry. I study the role of modern art and the ways in which art interacts with the viewer. I think that today art has already gone beyond the limits of galleries and is looking at us from T-shirts and bags.

I studied design and psychology of visual perception and advertising in the school of design, the fashion industry at London College of Fashion, art therapy at the Life Therapies Training Academy (London), history of art. Today, I am an artist, decorator, stylist-imagemaker and teacher, the owner of an art studio and art director of a fashion brand. I live and work in Russia and in Turkey.


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Existential Ecstasy’s Propeller
16.5″x16.5″; paper, watercolor, acrylic, glossy magazine; 2018
Prediction of the Future
23.3″x16.5″; collage on canvas, acrylic, glossy magazine; 2019