Markus Holtby

What Was Outside Is Inside
23″x17″; digital collage, archival print; 2019

Markus Holtby
Mamaronek, New York, USA


Markus Holtby works in a variety of mediums using common conventions rooted strongly in design and construction. His work critiques the physical expression and performance of infrastructure. This infrastructure is the foundation upon which the structure of society and the economy is built, often times quite literally. For example, the electrical grid across urban or rural land, as infrastructure, is based on the equipment involved and the intent to provide a service to the areas and population it supports. Markus’ work addresses the use, design and construction of these systems of infrastructure.

In addressing these built systems, Markus draws from familiar construction materials and objects to develop a critical reflection of the framework’s physical components. The work may be understood as a type of expanded medium that manifests itself across multiple artistic disciplines including photographic collages, performance art experiences, sculpture, and ceramics. The resulting work, a product of shared experience within the physical framework of infrastructure, is both fresh and sentimental.


Markus Holtby is a Canadian artist, and has been living and working in New York for many years. He has a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) from the School of Visual Arts in New York and a Master of Architecture degree. Markus divides his time between his art practice and his building and design career in New York City. Markus has participated in national and international residencies in the interest of developing his portfolio and language as an artist. He has displayed his work in many shows including winning public competitions for public art commissions for his sculptures in New York City. Markus’ collage development grew from his personal photographs, and is an important expression of his artistic and aesthetic intent.

Markus is also a curator and co-founder of Starta Arta in New York City, which produces visual art shows in the City several times a year.


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1-2-3 Blank
9″x22″; digital collage, archival print; 2020
Chinatown Watermeter
22″x22″; digital collage, archival print; 2019
Bedroom Eyes, west
40″x42″; digital collage, archival print; 2019
Chinatown Residual Phone Works
18″x23″; digital collage, archival print; 2019