Marla Faith

Angel For Ukraine
15″x9″; mixed media collage; 2023

Marla Faith
Nashville, Tennessee, USA


I paint and draw in many mediums, and combine these original pieces into new mixed media artworks, which incorporate a multitude of materials. I save scraps, my torn-up older artwork, teabag tags, shells & beads, fabrics & decorative papers, leaves & feathers, etc. I am a recycler, an upcycler, who finds beauty and meaning by creating harmony as I marry elements together.

My art can be recognized by its sensual, mysterious, colorful imagery. There is a balance of organic form, lyrical line, light and dark, diagonal movement, and repeating motifs & shapes. I use personal symbolism and figurative narrative to create visual poetry. For me, it is healing work, my way of prayer and play. I find inspiration in nature, meditation, reading & writing, and seeing great art in museums.

I believe that art can help save the world and that if I reach down deep enough into the personal, I may be able to touch the universal. By offering pleasure and peace to those who view it, they will hopefully share that energy with others, and like a ripple effect, all may eventually gain sensitivity to more beauty and love in themselves and the world.


Marla Faith makes art and writes poetry in Nashville, Tennesee. She has published three books of her art and poetry, which can be seen along with her oeuvre of paintings, drawings, and collages, at Marla has spent her career teaching art in schools and directing education programs in art museums, while consistently creating her own art.

Ms. Faith grew up in Chicago and moved to Nashville from New York in 1990. She has a BFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MS in Museum Leadership from Bank Street College in New York City. She has exhibited her artwork widely, including one-person shows at Nashville’s Parthenon and Airport.


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Chakra 6 Indigo
12″x15″; mixed media collage; 2012
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16″x16″; mixed media collage; 2021
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14″x14″, mixed media collage; 2020
Home For Ukraine
15″x11″; mixed media collage; 2023