Matthieu Bourel

Birds in a Cage

Matthieu Bourel
Berlin, Germany



Power of images and their combinations. Therefore all kinds of diversions. As well in music, sounds or films. Playing with elements, to make it mine.

In Collage, I like to watch every picture as the point of departure for a story. Various duration, gathered in one. to evoke a fake history or inspire nostalgia for a period in time that never truly existed. Sometimes further to a decision. Mostly random. the obsession of collecting disparate images from books, old magazines and other found material becomes as much a part of the emerging image as the mark-making. A piece often becomes about the search and desire to combine those emergent narrative symbols that seem charged with a familiar yet distant emotion. When successful, all the elements fall together with irony and tension while all other realities are obliterated, leaving the viewer as participant inside the picture, with his own codes and connections. The image then carries the weight of a personal reality. Most important, the final image actually gains a significant evocative quality I could not have expressed in any other way.


Matthieu Bourel / EK dojo, was born in 1976, in Rennes, France. He lives and works in Berlin. His work has been exhibited in Berlin, Hamburg and New York. Among others his work was included in the books The Age of Collage and The Age of Collage Vol. 2. Since 2014, he has created illustrations for publications such as The New Yorker, ZEITmagazin and The New York Times. Since 2016, he has been in an interdisciplinary collaboration with the fashion designer Jun Takahashi/Undercover and the music pioneer Carl Craig.


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16.5″x11.4″; handmade collage; 2012
15.7″x11.8″x0.6″; handmade collage of 80 layers; 2017
16.5″x22.8″; handmade collage; 2014
Bow & Scrape
21.7″x16.5″; handmade collage; 2017