Maxime Besnard

Darwin’s Mistake
11.69″x16.54″; analog collage and blue embroidery; 2019

Maxime Besnard
Paris, France


All of my pieces are collages I’ve made depending on the mood I had at the moment I’ve done it. All of them are handmade with a cobalt blue spray paint shaped on it or with an embroided blue. Subjects and forms are cut from old books i collect from second handbookstores in France or abroad. All are unique pieces. That’s a real salvation to be able to show by this way how fragile we are, but how beautiful we remain.


Mime is a collage artist based in Paris. After studying accountancy, digital marketing and Contemporary art and Design market, he decided to express himself by the way of cutting and sticking papers together to give a real aesthetic and a path of reflexion about yourself. Inspired by ancient sculptures, Egyptian know-how, aesthetic, architecture, electronic music, fashion are his main inspirations. His first exhibition was a collective one with five other collagists from Paris, Tel Aviv and Madrid in September 2018. His second exhibition was also in Paris and with his same collective mate with which he created their collective “Collage Variations”. He also presented his works at the last event of Antigalerie in Paris for a week. Now represented by the art gallery In Art We Trust in Paris, his artpieces are leading to a new collage dimension, exhibition coming soon in September 2019.


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Sable Blanc
15.75″x11.81″; analog collage and black scratch paper on Hanhemulhe paper; 2019
Face Study
16.54″x11.69″; analog collage; 2018
23.39″x16.54″; analog collage and blue embroidery; 2019
Negative Scars
16.54″x11.69″; analog collage and black scratch paper; 2018