Meghan Misenti

Sun City Woman
11″x7.5″; analog collage; 2019

Meghan Misenti
New Haven, Connecticut, USA


At times, I approach my collage pieces with a theme already in mind. More often though, I start by being struck by a particular image, often one from nature: an animal, a plant, a landscape, a physical posture or facial expression that matches something I wish to convey to the viewer. My pieces can be quite cohesive, in color, shape or overarching theme. However, you never know how a piece will end up until it has begun and seems to willfully turn into whatever it was meant to be. Humorous, poignant, surreal, or simple.


I am a self-taught, emerging artist from New Haven, Connecticut. A life long lover of art and beauty, I recently discovered collage as a woman working through the aftermath of an emotionally abusive marriage. Collage has been my therapy and a way of connecting to others who share similar feelings, aesthetics, and interests. My work often features themes from nature including: landscapes, animals, plants and the human, especially the female, form. I care deeply about issues of human rights, ecology, and social and economic justice. It is my hope that my collage pieces speak to the viewer in a unique way and offer a perspective that shifts unconsciously toward a more beautiful, just, and equitable world. An appreciation of the absurd and a sometimes dark sense of humor also frequently make an appearance in my work. I am soon to be part of two group exhibitions: the first through Conception Arts in New York City and the second, an exhibition of outsider art at Gallery 66 in New Britain, Connecticut. I am excited to develop as an artist and reach a wider audience through the medium of collage!


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Sleep My Pretties
11″x7.5″; mixed media, analog collage and acrylic paint; 2019
Monkey Mind
8″x6″; analog collage; 2019
Haunted No. 2
11″x7.5″; analog collage; 2019
Love Blooms
11″x7.5″; mixed media, analog collage and acrylic paint; 2019