Melanie Garcia

Holding Thrice
22″x15″; acrylic and paper on canvas; 2017

Melanie Garcia
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


It starts with the body.

Throughout my art practice I’ve focused on the human body with its biological flaws, its perfections and its representations with concerns to body image, mediated image, distortion, and aesthetics.

My mixed media collages use found images from magazines to construct open-ended narratives. Controlled and gestural use of inks, paint and pens visualize the dichotomy of interior expression, and help to create tensions between the elements.

The works are distilled to minimal abstractions and surreal collages. Disembodied limbs, flesh, and anonymous bodies, attempt to connect to natural elements and abstracted form anchors figures in space or to a place in a fabricated world.


It was almost twenty years ago that an art class focused on collage affirmed Melanie’s love for the medium. It was during her BFA in Film Production at Concordia University that she began her work in large-format digital collage. After a period of art gestation, her work is now settled into primarily analogue, minimalist, mixed media collages. Melanie participated in her first art residency at Listhus in Iceland and is now hooked! Since then, she has had the privilege of art mentoring with the Mikw Chiyam and N’we Jinan art residences in First Nations communities. When not busy pushing little pieces of paper, she freelances in wardrobe styling for film and photography and art education with high school students. Melanie lives and works in Montreal.


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untitled figure 2
11.5″x8″; paper and charcoal on paper; 2018

Of Ansel, Joshua Tree with Arm
11″x8.5″; paper, tissue and charcoal on paper; 2017

Of Ansel, Denali with Two Orbs
11″x8.5″; paper, tissue, ink, pencil on paper; 2017

Of Ansel, Mount Lassen with Arms
11″x8.5″; paper, acrylic paint, charcoal, tape on paper; 2016