Michael Ferriss

Antithesis of Chaos
31.5″x31.5″; collage and mixed media; 2011

Michael Ferriss
Auckland, New Zealand


I am interested in how technology impacts our lives and its part in the construction of the social world. My first series of collages is about how we view the world through computers, “Cartography for the New Millennium”, with fractured images making new maps of the world. I was also inspired by ancient maps that not only tried to graph the world they knew, but also an imaginary world of strange beasts in the unknown realms.

This lead me on to the subject of surveillance and especially how the world and its inhabitants are viewed through satellites and computers. Taking this very real social issue and abstracting it into pictures is what I have attempted to do and it became the theme of my next exhibition, “Ninety-nine Names of God”.

I use collage as a medium as it not only stimulates new ideas and a certain serendipity when searching through magazines for images to use, but it also has its own interesting limitations. For me the paper is more important for its texture, line and colour than the image on the page. Each piece of paper (and occasionally paint) acts as a correction to the emerging picture.


Michael Ferriss is an artist and musician working in Auckland, New Zealand. He started working in the visual arts in the late 1970s but switched to performing and recording music and contributing music to local films and television. He has recorded four music albums under his Shima project (www.shima.co.nz) and is currently performing and recording with Fear Up Harsh (https://soundcloud.com/fear-up-harsh).

In 2009, Michael renewed his interest in working with the visual arts once again and produced collage works which have been exhibited in Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.


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I Dream You
36″x45″; collage; 2012

height 38″

Ninety-nine Names of God
47″x47″; collage; 2013

Optic Nerve
47″x35.4″; collage; 2014