Mikhail Siskoff

Gold Digger
14″x11″; collage: paper on paper; 2017

Mikhail Siskoff
Anchorage, Alaska, USA


I make collages from vintage books and magazines locally-sourced at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. I do some work digitally as well, but I don’t combine my analog and digital work or enhance analog work digitally, and I always disclose which method I’ve used.

My work varies in style from surreal to Dada and is greatly influenced by my mood and available materials. Some works can be completed in as little as an hour, while some sit on my desk or in a drawer partially done for months until I find the inspiration or the images I need to make it work.


Mikhail Siskoff is a visual artist from Anchorage, Alaska. He works with collage, both analog and digital and photography.

His photography has been featured on the cover of an Elie Wiesel novel and his collage work has been commissioned by the local indie paper several times. Mikhail was featured on the front page of the A&E section of the local newspaper, Anchorage Press, with an interview in 2016. He has done solo First Friday shows in Anchorage and group shows at IGCA.

He will be showing a solo exhibition at IGCA in May 2019, as well, and will be looking for new exhibition opportunities outside of Alaska soon after.


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Made in America
8″x10″; collage: paper on paper; 2017

A Warm Sweater on the Harbor
9.5″x11″; collage: paper on paper; 2017

Return to Good Time Charlie’s
14″x11″; collage: paper on paper; 2017

To the Sea
11″x8.5″; collage: paper on paper; 2016