Moira De Ninno

Balancing Act

Moira De Ninno
Dunwoody, Georgia, USA


noun bri·co·lage \ ˌbrē-kō-ˈläzh , ˌbri- \
Something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things.
A term derived from the French verb bricoler (meaning “to putter about”) and related to bricoleur, the French name for a jack-of-all-trades.

Each of my whimsical collages are compilations of many bits of ephemera, vintage postcards, letters, stamps, photos, matchbooks, textbooks, storybooks, field guides, balance sheets, currency, and magazines. Much joy comes from discovering scraps of ephemera in junk, or as I call them, “treasure” shops. Each hold a bit of story from their prior owners. Each act as a guide when I am creating. They combine with other bits and pieces until they tell a new narrative. Many of my collages are created on the pages of a 4”x6” leather bound journal, while some require a bigger field.
I suppose that their creation is my way of tracing uncharted paths, sure that the undiscovered awaits me.

They are my slivers of story, expressions of emotion, and chance to play. Enjoy!


Moira De Ninno holds a BA in English and MS in Organization Development and Leadership. She calls Atlanta, Georgia home. Currently, she is realizing a longtime dream, and is enrolled in a BFA Interior Design program. A lifelong maker of many creations, she counts among her favorite experiences, the opportunity to exhibit and sell her dolls at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. A member of the Atlanta Collage Society, she shows and sells her collages in the Atlanta metro area. Labeled an artist, designer and stylist, she simply considers herself a visual storyteller. See more of her work on Instagram and her website.


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