Nancy Dominique

Ponderibus Librata Suis from the astronomical series “Nothing Will Have Happened”
9.6″x8″; collage on an antique book cover; 2018

Nancy Dominique
Sainte-Ode, Belgium


My imagination is nourished by the touch and the scent of old paper, the nostalgia of vintage illustrations and stories antique frames and objects may tell.

I take pleasure in discovering unexpected matches between diverse materials, such as encyclopedias, postcards, medical and scientific publications, picture stories, religious books, photo albums, reproductions of major pieces of art, etc.

The sentimental value such objects have fascinates me. I create a whole new universe for these objects and I like to think they all come from my own attic.

The old books I use for my collages are also a manner to explore another  way of thinking, which shows through the pages and the words. As a 21st century woman, I give a second life to these words and address themes that are still relevant today. I also add my sense of humour and my poetry.

To me, making collages is like time travelling. I can turn back the clock and get closer to the surrealist artists I admire so much by playing with illustrations similar to theirs. Making collages is really a mind-boggling game and that’s why I love it.


Nancy Dominique is a Belgian collage artist who lives and works in the Bastogne region, where she was born in 1968.

She made her first collages at the age of 22, preparing a cartoon for children. She remembers having had the impression of inventing something…quickly realizing that collage was an art in its own right!

She became interested in the history of collage, with a strong attraction to Surrealism, Max Ernst in particular. She already knew his paintings, but his collaged novels were a revelation. More recently, the exhibition “Joseph Cornell and the Surrealists in New York” (Lyon, 2014) was another.

In terms of collage, Nancy is self-taught. According to the needs of the moment, she participates in various workshops, to learn other techniques useful to her projects. She has taken occasional classes in binding, calligraphy, drawing, cardboard work, etc.

Since 2000, she has participated in many solo and group shows, mainly in Belgium.


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Marche apparente de Mars from the astronomical series “Nothing Will Have Happened”
9.6″x6″; collage on an antique book cover; 2018

Les Caves du Trésor
15″x13″; collage on paper; 2015

Romance II/III
12″x9.25″; collage on paper; 2015

Nu, sachant garder un secret
12.4″x10″; collage on paper; 2015