Nicole Desjardins

Lac Pollette III
11″x17″; hand-painted paper; Japanese paper, wasp’s nest paper; 2022

Nicole Desjardins
Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada


Nicole Desjardins’ artistic practice includes pictorial works where she is particularly interested in drawing, painting and collage. The profusion of nature, human intervention on the environment and the precariousness of the current world are her sources of inspiration. Building, deconstructing and reconstructing, this is the way she intervenes on very real images which she draws to remodel them in a new composition of abstract plastic forms. For that, she works in mixed techniques by combining several processes in the realization of her works. Ink, hand-painted papers, Japanese papers and wasp’s nests are the mediums she uses. For Desjardins, an image, beyond the emotion which it arouses, also represents a layout of lines and colors which she can transform and split to bring it intuitively to a new reality.


Born in Montreal, Nicole Desjardins has lived and worked in Trois-Rivières for thirty years. She studied graphic design at Ahuntsic College and Concordia University in Montreal. She also holds a degree in arts education from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. She has several training courses to her credit with professional artists, more specifically at the international summer school at Laval University. She worked as a graphic design artist and as a teacher for many years. She has exhibited several of her works in solo and group exhibitions in recent years.


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sans titre
14″x11″; hand-painted paper; Japanese paper, wasp’s nest paper; 2021
Au Bout de la Nuit
17″x11″; pastel collage; 2021
Paysage décomposé III
11″x17″; linocut, Japanese paper; 2021
Paysage idyllique II
4″x3″; hand-painted paper; Japanese paper, wasp’s nest paper; 2022