Norma Foulds

Circle Print
15.7″x35.4″; screenprint on acrylic paper; 2023

Norma Foulds
Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom


I am an artist and maker, living and working in the Northwest of England. A long time ago I was working for a company that made decorative glass products. As part of my job, I had to teach techniques to new workers. One day, someone said that they thought I should become a teacher as I was good at it. That was the point at which I decided to return to college and become a qualified teacher.

During my return to education in the early 1990s, I decided that it was the making I really enjoyed and shelved the idea of becoming a teacher. It was not until 2001 I trained to become a secondary school teacher. After qualifying, by chance I was employed in a school for pupils with learning difficulties and there I stayed for almost 15 years. During that time, I also completed my MA in Fine Art and Education. I think that was another key moment in my career. I once again dedicated time to creating my own art, and the practice of creating art, being an artist overtook the career of being a teacher.

In 2016, I left full time formal teaching and strove to concentrate on making art. My practice is an eclectic one. I make prints, collage, and assemblages. I like to use non-art materials and processes alongside more traditional methods, including sewing, print, documentation, and clay. I work with small groups in schools, galleries, and non-formal settings. In 2019, I took a studio space at Higherford Mill, Barrowford, Lancashire, United Kingdom.


Cumbrian-born Norma Foulds moved to Lancashire in the 1990s to study at the University of Central Lancashire, where she specialised in sculpture. After graduation Norma began a teaching career, focusing on teaching children with special needs.

Later completing her MA at The University of Northumbria in Fine Art and Education, Norma began to develop her own work, eventual taking a studio space at Higherford Mill, Barrowford.

Norma’s work uses reclaimed materials, collage, print and textiles. Routine and repetition are frequent elements and themes which run throughout her work. Her most recent work uses the print, handwritten text and stitching to convey her feelings connected to the menopause and aging.


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Sketchbook Collaboration
2.4″x1.6″; hand embroidery on paper; 2017
Water Stones
0.6″x2″; assemblage, card box, maps, stones, twine; 2019
13.4″x15.7″; mixed media collage on paper; 2020
5″x8″; painted teabags, acrylic paint, teabags; 2019