Butter Melt
11.69″x16.53″; paper; 2019

Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom


Nusensist combines varying themes and subjects from the physics of the universe to human culture. Commenting visually on nature and humanity’s place within it. Nusensist tries to pull all aspects of everything into their work in order to produce inspiration in the viewer. Nusensist is a being that tries to push boundaries and techniques that are uncommon. Nusensist collects found objects and buys a variety of books relating to the topic of his works. Often incorporating structural design and nature as well as bringing forth artists’ works from other eras that modern viewers may be unaware of. This is a nod to those of the past that Nusensist has deemed worthy of his critical appraisal.


Nusensist was a graffiti artist who, due to a physical health condition limiting the use of their hands, switched to collage in recent years. Nusensist has sold over 20 original pieces in the last 2 years and a vast number of prints too. The Slice of Life 3D collage was very well received in 2019 at PYRart Galley in Hove, United Kingdom as part of the Digital Festival and Brighton Fringe. Nusensist has no artistic education other than by trial and error. Through failure much is learnt and with determination anything is possible.


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No moor Rush
16.53″x11.69″; paper; 2020
Las unconscious Circus depths
11.69″x16.53″; paper; 2019
Scream Life
16.53″x11.69″; paper; 2019
Slice of Life
2’x4’x4′; paper, MDF, metal objects, mirrors, lighting, wood, plaster, plastic, and glass; 2019