Patricia Benavides Limo

6.8″x7.9″; collage on paper; 2021

Patricia Benavides Limo
Lima, Peru


I am a Peruvian artist and designer. The Dada and Surrealism artistic movements serve as the main inspiration for my artwork. My work is exclusively done manually, applying the classic collage technique without any digital retouching.

I use collage as a means of expression because I find absolute freedom to generate emotions, for which I utilize imagery from old magazines, books, and encyclopedias, which I cut and paste in a reconstruction game for providing new meanings to express my inner world and life experiences. Through my work, I reflect on what we are made of, memories and what the subconscious mind stores to get in touch with the viewer’s emotions.


Patricia Benavides Limo is a professional graphic designer who graduated from Montemar in 1991. She practiced her career until 2006, specializing in web design and multimedia, and considering the printed field as well. She began her artistic career in 2008, attending workshops given at the Corriente Alterna School of Art and given by independent artists. She participates in art auctions, collectives’ exhibitions and contemporary art fairs.

In 2020, she experimented with paper as a creative exercise. She explores collage as a means of expression, and is the technique she is currently working on. She continues to participate in workshops in Peru and abroad. Her artwork has been included in different group exhibitions and collage publications such as Photo Trouvée Magazine (USA), Create Magazine (USA), Colorbox Collective (Peru), Mombo Art Gallery (Spain), Artmotiv Art Fair (Peru), Eje Central (Mexico), Horror Vacui Vol. I and Vol. II (Chile), and Mujeres que Cortan y Pegan (Spain).

She is co-founder of @redcollageperu, a virtual Peruvian collage community whose mission is to spread the collage of Peruvian artists in Peru and the world.


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Lost Look
5.9″x3.7″; collage on paper; 2021
5.9″x3.7″; collage on paper; 2021
8.4″x6.7″; collage on paper; 2021
I Pray for You
10″x7.5″; collage on paper; 2021