Paul Brown

Make Love not War
7.87″x10.36″; paper on cardboard; 2021

Paul Brown
Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom


Over the years Paul has created art in a broad array of media. His initial interest in collage stemmed from the desire to produce images for printmaking, but subsequently, he pursued analog collage as a format in its own right, principally sourcing images from newspapers and magazines. The artist enjoys both the craft element of the analog collage process and the intellectual challenge of producing meaningful works from a limited source of materials. The artist is fascinated by the power of the image and its ability to convey meaning (meaning varying with context and juxtaposition) and the influence a title has on the viewer’s perception of meaning. Inspired by his love of pop art iconography and his fascination with human interactions, Paul’s people-based collage work places characters in stories–stories that could unfold in parallel universes. The viewer is invited into these surreal yet familiar worlds; the ordinary is made extraordinary.


Paul is a Scottish-based artist. Although excelling in art at school, he forewent the opportunity to study at an art college. Nonetheless, the compulsion to make art has remained with him throughout his life. Whilst largely self-taught, he has participated in training to improve his skills and knowledge. As a member of a print studio, he has produced prints and exhibited these in gallery shows. He is a regular invitee to contemporary art shows. Following the revelation of his hitherto secret Polish and Ukrainian ancestry, Paul has made numerous visits to Eastern Europe and feels a strong affinity with the area. Poland has a history of collage as a medium, and Paul has been inspired to progress his own collage work, including publication in 2021


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11.69″x7.67″; paper, stickers and cassette on cardboard; 2021
8.07″x10.55″; paper on cardboard; 2020
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7.95″x7.36″; paper on cardboard; 2020
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4.01″x3.70″; paper on cardboard; 2022