Phil Carney

To Feel the Wind in the Trees
9″x4″; found images, papers; 2019

Phil Carney
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom


In using collage I aim to create narrative works depicting very human emotions. Collecting old images and re-using them, giving them new found purpose and ways to be viewed. I am greatly influenced by cinema in my approach to what I look for in an image. A recurring theme in my work is memory and the weight of human touch. Using often singular figuratively images, cut or torn from their full original form I set them against a backdrop of different shapes and textures of paper which I want to signify time as layers in which a memory hides itself. I want the memory to feel distant and almost lost to time, a feeling that something was once there but cannot be fully remembered.


I live in the U.K. and have been making analog paper collages for 6 years, I was drawn to it from a passion for cinematography. my works are all made from found images and old papers.


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4.5″x6″; found images, paper; 2019
Fading Memory
11″x6″; found images, paper; 2019
11.69″x8.27″; found images, papers; 2019
8″x8″; found images, papers, used book covers; 2019