Phyllis Famiglietti

Woman Invented
12″x9″; collage on paper; 2018

Phyllis Famiglietti
New York, New York, USA


What I like most about working in collage is that I get to play with appearances and assumptions of consensus reality.

I use a variety of materials in my work and sometimes a piece of text or my own photography will be the launching point of an investigation. Old books and magazines, instruction manuals, and comics, found elements from the street and ripped-off advertising posters from construction sites around the city fascinate me. I’m inspired by the colours and textures of these weathered and worn materials, and my exploration takes the shape of re-grouping and reframing these elements into unique and compelling relationships. I love the feeling of layers being peeled away and formerly hidden ideas and impressions (sometimes comical, sometimes political) revealed.


I’ve been a professional film and video editor for 35 years. I started off as a news and documentary editor at NBC, and then opened my own shop where I edited films for numerous clients including photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber. Working with Bruce’s incredible imagery helped to inform a layering style that became a signature of my video work.

In addition to the moving image, I’ve been snapping stills and experimenting with photography since childhood. As the medium advanced from analog to digital I created imagery combining colour and black & white photos, collaged and manipulated in Photoshop.

More recently I felt a pressing need to go beyond the constraints of video and photography and so ventured into the world of collage and mixed media. The work I now produce utilizes the genres I know so well, but in a much more tactile way. I appreciate the freedom of using my hands to break free of computer screens and physically manipulate image and form. I experiment with disarrangement and disorder which for me, leads to fascinating levels of both the figure and abstraction.


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Modern Poets
14″x10″; collage on paper; 2018

24″x20″; collage on board; 2018

Brandy Wine Creek
24″x20″; collage on board; 2018

The Statue of St. Cecilia
9″x12″; collage on paper; 2018