Ramona Lena Kacyvenski

20″x16″; photo collage; 2017

Ramona Lena Kacyvenski
Vestal, New York, USA


I make art to enforce the value of creativity as a human activity. Art is a practice as old as humanity itself and in my studies as an art historian I have come to know art as an expression of social, economic, political, spiritual and emotional experiences of being a human. I choose collage because it is my belief that all life is essentially a collage of moments in time. My own work serves the emotional and spiritual aspects of my own life experience. My art keeps me from succumbing to the difficulties of survival, it keeps me on a positive and motivating path of mental health. I use my own photography to create collage, with images I have collected for decades of my own life experience. I design creative challenges for myself to push my own ideas of what art can express. I strive to inspire moments of memory and healing for the viewer. I want the viewer to be able to share in the fact that art can take you out of your current physical world to a deeper place where meditative thought can aide in solving problems, remembering joy and finding the true individual within the human body that navigates through life. In my work, you will see images of nature, religion, art, people, human objects, light and darkness. I am a proponent of semiotics and include images that represent deeper meanings that draw the viewer in to more intense contemplation of the elements of their own life.


Ramona Kacyvenski creates photo montage from original photos taken over her lifetime of experience, expressing art, nature, and semiotic elements of all human life. She also uses analog photo paper with creative light images and bleach painting. Ramona starting taking photographs as a pre-teen, and has always been fascinated by the art of photography, the ability to capture moments in time and life experience. She has spent much time hiking the natural world, finding beauty and art in the finer details of the woods.

Over her work experiences, Ramona has done many things, photo lab manger, analog photo printer, administrative work, museum director, retail sales, restaurant work and exercise instructor. She prides herself on being flexible in abilities and applying her creativity to all types of work. Ramona has also been a community volunteer for decades, donating her time and talents to such places as libraries, schools, churches and nutrition education efforts. Ramona has attended many art related conferences and is has always been interested in learning new ways to promote art and community endeavors. She has worked with several organizations as a grant researcher and writer. As a mother of two sons, Ramona spent their young years cultivating their own creativity. Her oldest son Forest, 19, is a self-taught music producer and her younger son Phoenix, 16, is a painter who has won several competitions and has had his own solo art shows.

In 2016, Ramona returned to her own creative work on a more regular basis and has had several solo arts shows with her nature photography and photo collage. In 2018, Ramona has a show scheduled to display forty years of handmade greeting cards made for her mother, who passed away recently. Ramona is consistently seeking and receiving opportunities for herself and her sons to share their creativity with the world. They all desire that their art can inspire viewers to look deeper into the human experience and apply that introspection to have a healthy and peaceful life.


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photo collage; 2018

48″x36″; photo collage and painted paper; 2018

24″x24″; photo collage; 2018