Ric Kasini Kadour

He Wraps Himself in Color
from “Portraits on Arrival: Cocoons”
48”x28”; collage on wood panel, 2019

Ric Kasini Kadour
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA & Montreal, Quebec, Canada


My art practice is concept-driven and project-based. I make a variety of objects–photography, printmaking, collage, zines, and art products–that I use to tell stories. Recent and current projects include: “Kunstkammer MMCXCIX”, an ongoing series of place-based installations where  wall or room is converted into an immersive experience using collages, photographs, small paintings, sculptural objects that invite viewers to imagine a place, past and future. Operating from Year 2199, the installation bends time and history by blending historical fact and imagined fictions to tell a story from the future about the present. The stories and perspective 180 years in the future will be different than what we know today. “Portraits on the Arrival” is an ongoing series of photographic portraits in which I intercede to portray a moment of expanded consciousness. In one set, I imagine the men portrayed here on the verge of a new way of thinking and, to commemorate the moment, have their picture taken. The swirl of color conveys the ecstatic joy that comes with new ideas and fresh thinking. In another set, I present the men in cocoons, gestating and preparing for an epiphany. Other collage art includes editorial work used to illustrate texts I have written.


Ric Kasini Kadour is a writer, artist, publisher, and cultural worker. His art-making crosses media and includes collage, photography, printmaking, installations, and art product making. Kadour sees ‘zine-making as an extension of his art practice. His titles include Art Is Food (2006), How to Price Your Artwork (2005), Everything That Is Wrong With You & How To Fix It (2015), I Am Calling Today…(2016), and My Pet Rock: A Tragedy & Love Story (2018). Kadour started ARTSHOP in 2004 as a way of organizing, exhibiting, and sharing art products. Kadour’s INSTANT ARTSHOP (2013-2015) project took a self-contained kiosk stocked with art products to public spaces (Amish farmers markets, for example) where contemporary art rarely goes.

In January-February 2020, Kadour is artist-in-residence at MERZ Gallery in Sanquhar, Scotland

His artwork has been exhibited in Georgia, Louisiana, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, and Vermont and is in private collections in Canada, France, the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition to his art practice, Kadour is the editor and publisher of Kolaj Magazine, Vermont Art Guide, and Art Map Burlington and has written for a number of galleries and his writing has appeared in Hyperallergic, Vermont Magazine, Seven Days, Seattle Weekly, Art New England (where he was the former Vermont editor) and many others. He has produced a number of exhibits as a gallerist and curator. His community organizing efforts have resulted in a number of large scale art events in North America and beyond. Kadour holds a BA in Comparative Religious Studies from the University of Vermont. Kadour splits his time between Montreal and New Orleans.


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I Was Something Before
from “Portraits on Arrival: Cocoons”
9.5”x6”; collage on book cover, 2019
I Can Only Give To Others What I Have First Given Myself
from “Portraits on Arrival”
30″x24″; collage, archival print; 2018
The Bejeweled Man Is a Panther & the Bones of Capitalism
from “Kunstkammer MMCXCIX”
4.25″x3″ bejeweled; collage print with paper; bones and thread; 2018
John Dreams of Lemons
from “Kunstkammer MMCXCIX”
14.5″x11.5″; collage print; 2019