Robert Savela

The drone tone as a bridge to the light 1
mixed media digital; 2021

Robert Savela
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


I specialize in music-related art, design and writing. Inspired by all types of (heavy) music, asemic art, psychedelic darkness, involuntary painting, philosophy, death and the psyche.

Analog to digital mixed-media 2021.

Everything is everything.

Entertainment, beauty and inspiration on shuffle.

Images instead of words instead of thought, makes you think of something else.

Beauty is the purpose, takes up space and time.


Robert Savela – visual artist, writer, graphic designer, seeker

Born and raised in Wisconsin and currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the fourth time. Studied art, sex, drugs and rock & roll at the University of Wisconsin.

Milwaukee for 7 years with an MFA gathered from Full Sail University at the age of 41.

Art gallery shows in Sheboygan and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Astoria and Portland, Oregon.

Freelance graphic design since 1996.

News writer for UK heavy metal magazine Zero Tolerance (2013-2014); Concert and record reviews written for webzine started in 2013.

DIY self-published book, Audible Rorschach (2017) – notes on heavy music aesthetics and the psyche.


(503) 869-4016
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The drone tone as a bridge to the light 2
mixed media digital; 2021
The drone tone as a bridge to the light 3
mixed media digital; 2021