Roberta Guarna

Why hurt me?
11.7″x8.3″; paper; 2019

Roberta Guarna
Bari, Puglia, Italy


I work exclusively with analogue collage technique that I often integrate with other artistic techniques, for example, gold leaf, acrylics, watercolors, photography, etc.

Sometimes I think that I’m not the one cutting out the paper but my father, or my mother, and God. They move my hands and do it all.

My work is aimed at the marginalized, invisible and fragile society, oppressed by pain and loneliness. I try to fight against the immense human indifference and I try to do it with my art.

The main themes are disability, poverty, human rights, mental illness, the health of the planet, freedom, women’s rights and many other important important subjects.


Daughter of art, since childhood, she has studied and has been educated in the best women’s education institutes in Florence where she was born. Over the years she has attended several artistic and creative labs and workshops in order to learn the most varied art techniques including the collage artist lab of “Art and Identity” conducted and curated by the international artist Agnese Purgatorio.

She participates in very prestigious exhibitions and competitions in different countries of the world such as Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, America, and Italy, receiving brilliant awards and art prizes.

Roberta Guarna’s work’s meaning, often autobiographical, is aimed at that marginalized, invisible and fragile part of society. Among the topics dealt with, the main ones are: Memory, understood as remembrance, Injustice, Freedom, Society, Change. She expresses through analogue collages, integrating them with the most varied artistic techniques.

She lives in Puglia, Italy.


+39 3381997118
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11.811″x11.811″; high quality paper, acrylic colors, canvas; 2020
La Deriva
11.69″x8.7″; high quality paper, clipping of newspapers; 2018
Dreaming for a better world
9.45″x12.99″; high quality paper, handmade paper, maps, watercolors; 2019