Romero Pasin

Don’t Forget to Look Behind
digital collage; 2020

Romero Pasin
Cowansville, Quebec, Canada


I try to capture magic in the ordinary, creating surreal but accessible worlds. Up-cycling, collaging, and analogue photography are my playground.

The evocative power of an old picture, the significance of an old jewel, the magic contained in an expired photographic film, these are the materials I love working with.

I usually begin with an idea and then allow myself to get lost in the process. As in an Exquisite Corpse, I like putting together disconnected pieces and letting them find a new meaning.


I was born in Argentina and grew up in Mexico, Colombia, and Switzerland. At the age of fifteen, after making my first appearance on a serious stage, I decided to study Performing Arts.

In my twenties I moved to Spain where I produced, directed and wrote several theatre plays. Then joined a big touring circus company and changed a bit the direction of my career, making and repairing costumes, props and stage decoration.

As a mixed-media artist I cannot say that I’m entirely self-taught, as despite not having a formal education in visual arts, I had the chance to work with talented scenic builders, painters and costume designers who generously shared a lot of their knowledge with me.

Since lockdown and while all my beloved show industry is on standby, I’ve been focusing on my own creations, exploring new ideas and experimenting with new materials.


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Children of Pierrot
digital collage; 2020
Christmas Spirit
digital collage; 2020
The Land of Imagination
digital collage; 2020
Ramona in Kenya
digital collage; 2020