Rosemary Rae

12″x9″; vintage labels, cardboard, envelopes, scrap type + paper; 2019

Rosemary Rae
San Diego, California, USA


My collages, assemblages and small artist books are curated from found materials and integrate type and images from magazines, discarded books and vintage ephemera. My interest in typography reaches from my professional design work into more experimental projects. My collage work explores the relationship between space and color, and celebrates the play and energy of random compositions across a page.


Rosemary Rae is a graphic designer and artist living in San Diego, California. She has a BFA from Moore College of Art + Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, studied Typography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and Rome and has a MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts. In February 2019, an exhibition of her recent collage work, “Reconsidered”, was featured at the Escondido Art Gallery.


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15″x10.5″; discarded box, scrap papers, foil, music sheet, wood type and
images, letter pressed; 2018
10″x8″; labels, folders, scrap type + paper, staples; 2019