Sabine Korth

Fancy Young Lady
11.8″x11.8″; analog and digital collage; 2015

Sabine Korth
Piombino, Italy


Visual fictions which, like poetry, rely on metaphor.

I combine fragments of images–like the overlaying and intermingling of thoughts, visual flashbacks and memories. References, allusions, and analogies create a surreal atmosphere that leads the viewer to another reality.

Since 1990, I have been working with different montage and collages techniques. Coming from the traditional cut and paste technique, I moved on to multiple exposures in the darkroom printing process. Recently, I also started working in the “digital darkroom”, using its possibilities to synthesize–to weave disparate materials into a single continuum.

Although my working methods have radically altered, my interests remain the same. The content of my previous work has flowed naturally onto the screen and into the images before you.

Italian critic Roberta Valorta wrote about my work: “The artist Sabine Korth breathes new life into the figurative and narrative form of the photomontage, an expressive technique that flourished in Germany during the fertile season of the avant-garde movements. In real life and in her pictures, she undertakes a journey from South to North. Places, faces, animals, objects, signs belonging to Egypt, Mexico, Cuba, the Ivory Coast, and Zimbabwe come together to form imaginative compositions that set before our eyes that South of the world of which we know little or nothing. In the second stage of her work, Sabine Korth mixes images of the world of the South with images of the North, those of our European cities, inventing new visual realities that allude to the true mingling of cultures that characterizes our dawning multiethnic society. An ideal journey which brings together different cultural forms and stimulates reflection on the subject, not through the classical documentary form but through a creative one which appeals directly to the sphere of the imagination.”


Sabine Korth was born in Monheim, Germany, in 1958. She graduated in photography in 1987. Since then she has been living and working in Italy, including Florence where she directed the Print Service Darkroom Studio from 1988 to 1994 and taught photography in English 1990 to 2013. From 2008 to 2013, she worked with psychiatric patients in Lucca using therapeutic photo collage.

Since 1990, she has been hold workshops on photomontage, experimental photography techniques, therapeutic photo collage and enhancing creativity, in Germany, Austria and Italy in German, Italian and English.

She has traveled to Egypt, South America, Africa, Morocco, Turkey, New York and India. In 1995, she received the National Award for women photographers “Places of Life” and the Hoffman Prize in Valencia. Her work was published in the books From South to North – Da Sud A Nord (Art&, Udine 1997) and Foto-collage-terapeutico. In 2005, she moved to the small industrial seaside town of Piombino in Tuscany. In 2012, she founded and directed the Piombino Social Photo Fest. Since 2013, she has curated the Toscana Photo Project and, since 2014, the exhibits at Gattarossa Art Gallery Kafe.


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Inside Orizons (Egypt)
27.6″x19.7″; silverprint photomontage; 1994

Just Under the Surface (Morocco)
19.7″x27.6″; digital collage; 2010

Thousand and One Nights
19.7″x27.6″; darkroom composite; 2010

Time Travelers
11.8″x17.7″; analog and digital collage; 2013