Sara Baker-Michalak

Metaphysical 3
36″x48″; paper/mixed media; 2018

Sara Baker-Michalak
Dunkirk, New York, USA


My work is about growth, maturation, decline, accumulation, and return–an exploration of time. My “subtractive collage” includes elements of found imagery and materials, as well as imagery I create with a variety of wet and dry media. I use conventional collage techniques (cut-and-paste) along with photography, heavy texturizing with acrylic gel medium and paints, layering of imagery and abrading by sanding, washing, etc. Themes in my work include exploration of chaos-cosmos/randomness-order. Too, I reference the tragic damage we inflict upon the natural world and actions we may take to restore and maintain it. Overall, my interests lie with the forces within and without that constitute the journey’s full flowering and potential.


Sara Baker Michalak’s subtractive collages and mixed media works have been shown widely, including at New York’s American Craft Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Burchfield Penny and Albright Knox in Buffalo. Her work is included in many public and private collections. She holds a BFA from The School for American Crafts in Rochester, New York and an MA Interdisciplinary Studies, SUNY Fredonia. Sara has served as artist-in-residence in a variety of educational settings. In addition to operating her studio, She currently works with Aspire of WNY as Art Facilitator for people with developmental disabilities. Sara lives and works in western New York State on Lake Erie where she propagates native wildflowers and contributes to the preservation of native habitat throughout the region.


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Metaphysical 6
36″x48″; paper/mixed media; 2018

Metaphysical 5
36″x48″; paper/mixed media; 2018

32″x40″; paper/mixed media; 2017

Metaphysical 8
36″x48″; paper/mixed media; 2018