Sergey Nehaev

Slow Storm
12″x9″; digital collage; 2019

Sergey Nehaev
Tver, Russian Federation


I do not consider myself a professional artist. I treat this as art therapy. It helps me fight negative states of consciousness. I am inspired by the unusual ideas that I find everywhere–in books, magazines, radio programs, musical works. Before, I was inspired by the covers of the Beatles and Pink Floyd music albums. I especially liked the artist Storm Thorgerson, who made the cover art of Pink Floyd’s iconic albums. Of course, I am inspired by the work of many modern collage artists, too. From classic artists, I love Rene Magritte and Max Ernst. In my work, meditation classes help me a lot. Meditation helps me expand my consciousness and free my mind from the shackles. Also it is in this state of meditation that the interesting thoughts and images that I use in my works come to me. This is probably why in my works you can often see figures in the lotus position. As a journalist, I reflect on the influence of television and propaganda on people’s minds. This theme is also reflected in my collages.


Sergey Nehaev (aka NightCollage) was born in 1976. He is a journalist, musician and collage artist. Beginning in 2012, he made his early steps into modern art by assembling paper collages using fragments of well-known glossy magazines. Later on he switched his focus to digital art, which brought him to a new level and recognition. He finds an inspiration among astonishing people, in psychedelic music and in unusual fantasies emerging while meditating. Sergey has taken part in exhibitions in Russia, Spain, Italy, Poland, USA, and Indonesia. His artworks are printed in glossy magazines.


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15″х12″; digital collage; 2018
Target Group
17″х13″; digital collage; 2019
23″х16″; digital collage; 2018
12″х9″; digital collage; 2018