Shannon O’Connor

3.75″x3.5″; contemporary magazines; 2020

Shannon O’Connor
Portland, Oregon, USA


I started creating collages a few years ago when I was dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. I had scattered thinking and severe panic attacks and working on collages has helped me organize my thoughts and lessen my anxiety. I mainly work with vintage and contemporary magazines that I find at thrift stores and garage sales. I enjoy tearing and cutting paper and piecing everything together with what I like to call a stream of consciousness approach. My collages are sometimes clean and sometimes messy, it all depends on my mood. I’m also a photographer and documentary filmmaker and I think all my artistic practices compliment each other and help me understand myself better.


I’m a photographer, documentary filmmaker, collage artist and curator. I’m originally from Los Angeles and was born in 1986. I moved to Portland, Oregon with my wonderful and handsome husband in 2014 and we still reside there today. My photography and collage work explores the translation of my intuition into visual images. In addition to my photography work I also create documentary films about artists that explore their personal stories and creative processes. I studied commercial photography and art history at Santa Monica College. I was the director of Bleicher Project Space in Los Angeles from 2011-2012, and co-owned Wolff Gallery in Portland, OR from August 2015 – December 2019. I currently work as a freelance photographer and curator.


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3″x4″; vintage magazines; 2018
10″x5.4″; vintage magazines; 2018
Chicken the dog
6″x6″; contemporary magazines; 2020
Untitled (bee)
2″x4″; vintage magazines; 2019