Shari Epstein

The End
12″x15″; newspaper images, sea map, acrylic paint on cigar box panels; 2007

Shari Epstein
Long Branch, New Jersey, USA


These newspaper images in some way break my heart. I chose them because they help me face my fears of the future. They speak of global warming, violence, crime and in some cases, joy and freedom. The sea chart in The End suggests our shifting coastlines as well as our lost sense of direction. Fifty Years refers to the time since John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Confetti is a joyous explosion of movement. Maternity expresses our vulnerability and Cuffed, our disillusion.

I refer to my work as collage painting–paint and image–the combination of which, creates contrast and interaction. The paintings merge two realities–an actual event told through an image and my emotional response expressed through paint.

I apply the paint abstractly, sometimes smacking the brush onto the paper, flicking paint, smudging, mark making. This gives the work an immediacy, as if it just happened. It’s roots are from action painting, part of the abstract expressionist movement. My process is to reveal and conceal. It’s hard to tell where the image stops and the paint begins. This seamless merging is a moment when past and present converge—a now and then—now suggested in the application of paint, and then, in the image. This interaction of time and texture creates a story neither one could tell on its own.


Shari Epstein’s most recent exhibit was “Patterns”, a series of abstract collage paintings using clothing patterns. In 2015, her abstract photography was chosen to showcase at Spectrum, an art fair held during Art Basel Miami. In 2013, at Johnson & Johnson Corporation, her solo show “Seaing”, featured seascapes made from fabric. Also that year, she participated in “Sandy, The Once and Future Storm”, a group show at Bergen County Community College, where she participated in an artist panel. Shari holds a BA from the University of Maryland. She also studied at the Maryland Art Institute, the Vermont Studio Center and the New York Studio School. Shari Epstein resides in Long Branch, New Jersey. To see her work in photography, collage and fabric visit


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Fifty Years
16″x16″; newspaper images, magazine cutouts, acrylic paint, pencil; 2013

16″x16″; newspaper images, magazine cutouts, acrylic paint, pencil; 2013

20″x20″; newspaper image, magazine cutouts, acrylic paint, fabric, fern leaf, burlap, painted mulberry paper; 2013

16″x16″; newspaper image, magazine cutouts, acrylic paint; 2013