Sheri R. Klein

Dream House
6″x8″; collage and mixed media on Fabriano paper; 2021

Sheri R. Klein
Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA


Sheri R. Klein’s collage works on paper explore concepts of fragmentation, hybridity and transformation with references to imaginary architecture, objects and the social landscape. Her collages embrace relationships of the geometric/organic, fragments/whole, color/form, the waking/dream and utilize processes of layering and juxtaposition of text, color, and pattern. Small works on paper often begin with a line, a brushstroke, a doodle, a drawn shape, or a small fragment of paper in a process that evolves into a fusion of forms that often inform paintings and fabric designs. The aesthetic quality of imperfection is reflected throughout the collages in the use of torn papers, and in the incorporation of hand-drawn elements. Historical influences on the collages range from Surrealism to the Zen aesthetic of wabi-sabi.


Sheri R. Klein is an award-winning artist, educator, and published author. Her degrees include a BFA and MFA in Painting/Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a PhD in Art Education from Indiana University, Bloomington. Following a long career in the higher education as an administrator and university professor of art and education, she engages in interdisciplinary practices of writing, collage, painting, and creating wearable art. She is the Founder and Director of Braided Streams LLC.


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House of Plenty
8″x6″; collage and mixed media on Fabriano paper; 2021
House of Those Who Wait
8″x6″; collage and mixed media on Fabriano paper