Silvia Cuello

11″x9.4″; collage and mixed media; 2016

Silvia Cuello
Cochabamba, Bolivia


I use Art as a way to express my perception of human nature. Breaking through the layers of social hypocrisy usually drives me to encounter a hidden sadness and loneliness that remain inside every individual.

Somehow, I feel pulled by the need to explore human emotion. I’m not afraid of showing darkness and contradiction. I feel empathy and a deep connection with the ones left behind, the foreigners and the outcasts.

Formally, my works are very different from one series to the next. I use many different techniques and I always like to try new things.


Silvia Cuello is a Spanish artist currently living in Bolivia. She studied Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona. Her works has been showcased in Spain, USA and Bolivia. Formally, her series are very varied since she is always experimenting with new techniques, but conceptually they always breathe a tendency to explore human emotion.


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25″x16.5″; collage on papyrus; 2017

Eyes That Don’t See
10.4″x8″; collage and acrylic paint; 2017

I’m Sadness
10.6″x9.8″; collage; 2017

(l to r) 13.8″x5.5″, 13.8″x13.8″, 13.8″x5.5″; collage; 2017