Susan Fiebig

Total Eclipse
12.5″x10″x2″; book cover, magazine images; 2018

Susan Fiebig
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA


As a self-taught collagist and altered book artist, I see stories in places others may not and I use ephemera to create images that tell that story. Hopefully, each of my pieces evokes a feeling or an emotion that is personal to the viewer. My intention is usually straightforward.

I have a large collection of old books and book covers which I use extensively in my current work. I love to utilize the artwork found on book covers as my starting point. I add cut papers and ephemera to illuminate what is already there in an homage to the original artists’ work. My goal is to create a flawless meld of my work and the original. I believe altering discarded books gives them new life and I love to transform them into 3D sculptures or 2D works of art.


Susan Fiebig is an author of Wisconsin travel guides which gives her the opportunity to collect old books and found objects from all over her state. When she isn’t writing, you will find her hunched over her desk piecing together a collage or altering a book cover. Susan works on many pieces at first in the initial search for appropriate ephemera. Once she has established the layout for each book cover, she works on them individually. Her studio space is a small room where she has a writing desk and an art desk. She often switches from one medium to the other depending on her creative mood. She has exhibited her work in many galleries throughout Wisconsin.


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Lost in Thought
17″x14″x1.5″; book cover with binding, children’s book image, bird book image; 2018
Homage to Mr. Brenner and Mr. Reed
12.5″x15″x1″; book cover, bird images cut from Brennan and Reed’s bird directory; 2018
Dream Life
13″x15.5″x1.5″; book cover, magazine images; 2018