Susan Fiebig

All Aboard
12″x9″; cut-outs, ephemera; 2022

Susan Fiebig
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA


When I am creating a collage, I never have one precise idea in mind. I let my eyes wander over the many pieces of ephemera, discarded books, recycled and handmade papers, transfers, found objects, stickers, rub-ons, and miles of washi tape that cover my workspace. I usually work on 3-6 pieces at a time while sorting through all my materials.

My collage work continues to evolve and transform as I incorporate my ever-growing stock of materials and my vision of the world around me changes. I create vignettes that tell stories using materials that already have a history of their own. The discarded becomes something new that expresses an emotion or that reflects on a memory. Even though I love upcycling books into sculptures and 2d work, I consider collage my best form of expression as I continually grow as an artist. I am currently working with negative space starting in the center of the canvas or paper substrate and working outward to tell a story.


Told by my middle school art teacher at a very impressionable age that I would never have a career as an artist due to my lack of creativity in his classroom, I left that world behind. I became a dental assistant instead! It was after my divorce at age 45 that I immersed myself among younger creatives and opened a small art gallery. I found my own voice as an artist working in collage, assemblage, and altered books. As a self-taught artist, I have had my work exhibited in major galleries throughout the United States and feel honored whenever my collages are accepted into prestigious galleries. I have a photograph in a permanent exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of the African Diaspora. I have exhibited my work in the Charles Allis Museum and the Haggerty Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and received an award for an assemblage piece from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


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12″x9″; cut-outs, ephemera; 2022
View of the World
12″x9″; cut-outs, ephemera; 2022