Vesna Vrdoljak

Tilted Sun
5″x3″, paper, 2012

Vesna Vrdoljak
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


I describe my collage work as stylish and simplistic. Always working analogue, using old and new magazines, old photos and other found pieces of paper. I cut with the cheapest scissors and use an ordinary glue stick.

In collage making, I work on my instinct. Everything is allowed there is no right or wrong. I grab images because they appeal to me for no clear reason. I grab another image that I feel to match. I continue until I am satisfied with the result.

I have 3 categories: subjects (people or animals), backgrounds (shots of nature, crazy motifs), and stuff (shapes, fruit). One time I look for the right colour combination, another time I look for the nicely dressed lady in front of that appealing house.


Collage girl is Vesna Vrdoljak (born 1978) from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Collage making started in 2006, wanting to combine the images she collects and creating new realities.

Vrdoljak has a Master of Arts degree, with a major in European Film Aesthetics. She has worked in film distribution and for film festivals. She is now working freelance in art and communications.


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Rain Lips
7″x7″, paper, 2010

Whatcha Lookin’ At?
8″x5″, paper, 2012

The Women in the Woods Series
pictures and paper, 2013