_Deconstructing Brad Pitt

_Deconstructing Brad Pitt

edited by Christopher Schaberg and Robert Bennett

In Kolaj #11, we talked about collage artist Nancy Bernardo‘s contribution to the film studies book, _Deconstructing Brad Pitt.

The volume is an anthology of essays and critical writing about the actor, celebrity and unofficial mayor of New Orleans. Bernardo provided “a visual essay” entitled “Deconstructing Brad Pitt” consisting of seven collages featuring Pitt and quotes from Jacques Derrida, for example, Can one sign with a perfume? from Derrida’s essay, “Ulysses Grammaphone”, and referencing Pitt’s role as spokesman for Chanel No. 5. In the face of so many disasters (from Derrida’s Specters of Marx) is steampunk-themed and features images of Pitt from 16 of his films. Bernardo also created the cover image of a portrait of Pitt made from collaged parts of his head and face.

The publisher, Bloomsbury, wrote:

“At once serious and playful, this book lingers upon the iconic Pitt and elucidates his powerful influence on contemporary culture.”

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_Deconstructing Brad Pitt
Edited by Christopher Schaberg and Robert Bennett
45 illustrations
7.75”x5″, 270 pages, $26.96 US
ISBN: 9781623561796
Bloomsbury Academic Press, New York, 2014

Distributed in Canada by the University of Toronto Press


Cover Image (above):
by Nancy Bernardo