Anleitung zur Ersten Hilfe bei Unfällen

Anleitung zur Ersten Hilfe bei Unfällen

by Susanna Lakner and Stefan Heuer

From Germany comes the collage zine, Anleitung zur Ersten Hilfe bei Unfällen or Instructions for first aid in the case of accidents. The 32-page booklet is the product of Burgdorf’s Stefan Heuer and Stuttgart’s Susanna Lakner and is a collaboration between two artists who have never met. Heuer and Lakner have been exchanging collages, books, and music through the mail since 2015. Lakner explains, “Stefan found an old brochure of instructions for first aid in case of accidents. He altered the booklet at first and sent it to me. I finished them.”

This book was featured in the Collage Taxonomy article, “Collage Play” in Kolaj #21.

We wrote:

“Too often, we mislabel this work as surrealism. I propose it is not. Surrealism is a strategy for artmaking in which the irrational juxtaposition of images is intended to unleash the artist and viewer’s creative potential of the unconscious mind. That combination of intention and technique is the opposite of Collage Play, which I would define as artist or artists assembling imagery without concern for meaning or concept.”


Anleitung zur Ersten Hilfe bei Unfällen
by Stefan Heuer & Susanna Lakner
Self-published, 2017
8.3”x6”; 32 pages
Edition of 50
10€ plus 3.70€ shipping
Susanna Lakner & Stefan Heuer, Stuttgart, Germany, 2017

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