Arcanes Majeurs

Arcanes Majeurs

by Fabián Giles

Arcanes Majeurs, Major Arcana in English, represent in a reading vital things, of great importance, transcendental, with a long duration in time. They symbolize some fundamental archetypes of the human psyche and their meaning entails the learning of certain lessons or experiences of great impact in our lives.

In tarot, the arcana are considered as hidden energies, either white magic or black magic. The term arcana refers to the 78 cards that make up the deck of cards that is often used as a way to guess or prophesy about the future.

5.5″x3.5″; collage on paper; 2020

Each of the 22 arcana represents an image of archetypal character, with numerous symbolisms. Although there are decks that have the number and the name, the older tarots do not have a number or name for these arcana.

Thus, these collages are simply pictorial representations of each of the major cards and are not intended to be a magical or divinatory association of them.

(text adapted from the authors’ press materials)

Arcanes Majeurs
by Fabián Giles
60 pages
Fabian Giles, Mexico City, Mexico, 2020

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