Artful Memories

Artful Memories: How to create unique art with old photographs

by Jack Ravi & Jane Chipp

When Jane Chipp and Jack Ravi first “met” on Instagram, they immediately found a familiarity in each other’s work and a shared passion for old black and white photographs. That passion is now a beautifully designed book that shares ideas, tips, and tricks on how to alter photographs and turn them into works of art. We all have thousands of photos saved on our phones. Some of us have boxes of old family photographs, or even older, black-and-white snapshots of people we don’t even know. Printed photographs seem out of fashion. Yet they are very powerful objects, filled with stories and meanings. So why keep them in a box, or saved in the camera roll of our phones, when we can create something so unique with them?

From the book introduction: “Images tell stories. When you hold a photograph in your hands, you are connecting to a person, a place, or a moment. You look into the eyes of a stranger and find yourself. How can photographs from the past be so relevant today? We are all human, and more alike than we sometimes notice. We can all recognize the commonality of the human experience. We all have dreams and visions, loves and losses, victories and failures. The stories we find in old photographs are our own because they were woven with the threads of the collective consciousness.”

The book is about the transformation of familiar, often mundane objects, into immortal art objects. It provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to transform old photographs to create a new story. But it is so much more than just an instructional book, it’s a visual experience, a time travel machine, accompanied by art, quotes, inspiration galleries, and even music, all personally selected by the authors.

Artful Memories is not just for artists. It’s for storytellers and creatives. It’s for someone who appreciates an old, torn photograph. It’s for those who believe that lost memories can be preserved and made immortal.

Working with old photographs is a very intimate experience that can help focus, increase human compassion, and even facilitate grief. You can use photos of your loved ones to keep their memory alive and to create something meaningful. You can follow a tutorial from beginning to end, or simply use it as an inspiration and let the photographs whisper a new story.

Artful Memories: How to create unique art with old photographs
by Jack Ravi & Jane Chipp
164 pages
ISBN 978-1739865405
$34.99 / £27.99
Self-published, Scotland, United Kingdom, 2021

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