Big Important Art Book

A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women)

Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists–and Projects to Help You Become One

by Danielle Krysa

Celebrate 45 women artists, and gain inspiration for your own practice, with this beautiful exploration of contemporary creators from the founder of The Jealous Curator.

Walk into any museum, or open any art book, and you’ll probably be left wondering: where are all the women artists? A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women) offers an exciting alternative to this male-dominated art world, showcasing the work of dozens of contemporary women artists alongside creative prompts that will bring out the artist in anyone!

This beautiful book energizes and empowers women, both artists and amateurs alike, by providing them with projects and galvanizing stories to ignite their creative fires. Each chapter leads with an assignment that taps into the inner artist, pushing the reader to make exciting new work and blaze her own artistic trail. Interviews, images, and stories from contemporary women artists at the top of their game provide added inspiration, and historical spotlights on art “herstory” tie in the work of pioneering women from the past. With a stunning, gift-forward package and just the right amount of pop culture-infused feminism, this book is sure to capture the imaginations of aspiring women artists.

A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women) was reviewed in Kolaj #24. Purchase Kolaj #24.

Text adapted from the author’s press materials

A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women)
by Danielle Krysa
8.4”x8.4”x1.1”; 320 pages
hardcover; illustrated
ISBN: 978-0-7624-6379-4
$32.50 Canada/$25.00 US
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-7624-6380-0
$17.99 Canada/$13.99 US
Running Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 2018

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