Cut Me Up

Cover artwork: SOUVENIR. Erinnerung. by Monica Church
11″x9″; matches, matchboxes, sheet music, Cut Me Up Magazine Issue 10; 2023

Cut Me Up

Edited by Andrea Burgay

Cut Me Up is a participatory magazine of visual call and response founded by Andrea Burgay. Each issue presents a call—a curated selection of original collage images that will become raw material for reader-artists to respond by cutting, reconfiguring, and transforming them into new artworks. The newly created responses will form the content of the next issue.

The most recent issue, Cut Me Up Issue 11: Souvenir, curated by Kathy Greenwood, is a selection of 18 artworks that expand upon the notion of the souvenir. While travel is often a reason for collecting such mementos, objects and images can signify all sorts of occasions and connections. Souvenirs can represent deeply personal experiences or be tokens of some shared public happening. They can even mark a fictional occurrence or something that is wished for. For this issue, artists were asked to mine their associations with souvenirs while incorporating elements of Cut Me Up Issue 10: Reconnect.

The works included in this issue, and its companion in-person exhibition at Albany Airport, expand upon the notion of a souvenir as a travel trinket. Magazine readers and airport travelers alike will discover new ways of thinking about the role objects can play in marking time.

Cless by Dr. Strange
10.6″x8″; handmade collage; 2018
Courtesy of the artist and Cut Me Up

Cut Me Up
Edited by Andrea Burgay
$18 US per issue
Andrea Burgay, Brooklyn, New York, magazine founded in 2018

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